Senior Classes Program

Fun, flair and friendships. That’s what our Senior Classes committee create during our one-hour sessions with about 45 seniors in three Framingham senior residences in the Fall and Spring. Over 20 FGC members conduct floral/plant design and crafts workshops at Heritage Senior Living, Hastings House and Carmel Terrace with one goal in mind – to encourage the art and joy of floral design in our senior community.

Each member creates their own design or craft that they set up and demonstrate. Enthusiastic seniors apply their own unique and often lifelong ideas and talents to make arrangements and crafts for their residences for holidays, seasons or special events, like St. Patrick’s Day.  They’ve also created floral gifts for friends and have painted beach rocks for paper weights.

In the process senior residents feel a sense of personal satisfaction – enhancing their skills, learning new talents, and appreciating each other’s creations and friendships. For members, our Senior Classes program allows us to share our love of design in our community, create a fun experience for these seniors, often former garden club members, and bring the beauty of flower gardens into their homes.

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See some photos from our most recent Senior Classes Program day.